Best ad-networks for new bloggers

Blogging is becoming famous day by day, People are moving towards blogging for different purposes

  • Some people choose blogging to earn some bucks
  • Some for the purpose of fun and enjoyment
  • Others for the purpose of improving their writing and related skills


The first objective is main among others. Most of the people want to earn money through easy way ( of-course blogging ), hence they join this field to leave their main job and choose blogging as main and active job.


Earning money through blogging is easy if you have nice amount of traffic for your blog. Their are many ad networks that pay bloggers to display ads on their blogs, these ads could be of different types. The efficiency of ad network depends upon how relevant it displays the ads and how mush he pays publisher for displaying ads

But, new bloggers have lesser amount of traffic. Those ad networks who pay very much high rates to publisher for displaying ads, never prefer a  new blogger, because he gets lesser amount of traffic and visitors for his blog.

But it is not a big problem to consider, their are some ad networks which still prefer new bloggers, they give good amount of money to new bloggers( not that much high that big networks pay )


1; Infolinks

Infolinks is mainly text based ad network ( an ad network that display text based ads ). It pays both through CPM and CPC.

  • It has high CPM rates about $0.8-3
  • It also give good CPC rate about $0.01-0.8
  • Infolinks also offer Tag, sidebar and search ads which will double your revenue through it.
  • For sign-up with Infolinks visit sign-up

2; Qadabra

It is known for providing media-rich ads, I have used it personally. They give handsome CPM rates and good CPC rates

  • On average their CPM rate is $0.01-4
  • On average their CPC rate is $0.09-0.4
  • For sign-up with Qadabra visit Sign-up

3; Chitika

It is well known for providing ads related to the content of post, they pay high depending on your website content and traffic

  • CPM rates: $0.3-4
  • CPC rates: $0.1-1
  • To join visit sign-up

4; eDOMZ

eDOMZ is a great network and pays really high to its publishers. Here approval is very easy, only restriction is that your website or blog must not contain porn or gambling material

  • They provide pop-up and pop-under ads
  • CPM rates $0.5-3
  • CPC rates $0.09-0.9
  • For joining this network visit sign-up

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