How to ping your blog(simple)

Blogging is becoming a sort of Hobby and fashion now a days. People are moving towards blogging for fun, earning some bucks or for time pass. As Bloggers are increasing in number the chances of publishing same topic by many bloggers is also increasing. Let me explain..

Suppose you have written a post related to “Building traffic to blog” , due to increasing number of bloggers it could happen that the same topic is chosen by any other blogger and he may be writing a much greater content than yours. If it is true then you will be getting very less traffic and attention by search engine, which can make your blog listed in the group of ignored blogs


Two things can help you in this

1; Writing great content

2; Notifying search engine time and time again about your blog and its updates

In this post I will be focusing on second point

So, notifying search engine means telling search engine about your blog time and time again right after you publish your new post. Their are many ways to do so but the simplest and the most way is by “ping” service

What is Ping?

You may have a question in your minds that what is ping? . Answer to this question is simple, Ping means sending notifications to search engine about your blog posts

You can think about ping as sending message or email to any one. Ping is the same thing just the difference is that here you send notifications to search engines and famous blog directories


You can easily ping your blog just by using the below mentioned services, these services are actually websites where you are supposed to enter your URL and post name, after it all the thing is done by them

1; Google ping( best: because it sends your blog notification to a large number of search engines and blog directories )

2; Pingler ( Old hence Gold )

3; Ping-o-matic ( official WordPress ping service, but you can ping ping any domain through it. It is fast but cover less blog directories )

4; Bulk-ping ( It has ability to ping many URLs at a time )

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