How to write a great post(simple tricks)

Blog-posting is becoming famous every day, people are moving towards blogging and sign-up number is increasing day by day. As the number of bloggers is increasing the competition is also increasing, which demand more hard work and experience from side of each and every blogger who want to become a famous and reputed blogger.

Hard work when we talk about blogging means “Writing great and authentic content”, Content which demands to come at no#1, Content which can not be rejected by any search engine. To make such a content some research is needed, along with some strategy to tackle other great bloggers.

Some important things which can help you in your mission

1; Quality and quantity of quality

Quality is king, It is true man!, without quality you can not legally promote your blog. Near me quality is combination of following things

  • Authentic material
  • Famous and trending material
  • Clear cut and simply explained material ( main )

What about quantity?

Quantity of any post depends depends upon the topic on which you are writing your post. Some topics demand explanation demanding a big post while others need only a few sentences to explain the topic.

Secondly, Always try to explain your topic in simple and clear cut language, the main reason is that simple language is easily accessible by people of every country and niche.

2;  Demonstrate viewer what you are trying to tell them

Some-time images and videos do what simple words are unable to do. Yes i am talking about using images and videos in post as images help your viewers to understand what you are trying to tell them.

Images must be completely related to images, always try to use professional sort of images ( if you are writing a professional post ). Video demonstration can make your point more clear to your viewer.

3; Use contact form or forum link

This point is optional. I you will use it you will get more famous and your visitors will love you a-lot. The point is

Sign-up for a forum and add your forum link in your Blog-post so that if your visitor has any question, he could easily contact you

Add a contact form or visiting form at the end of each post just for the purpose of making your visitor aware that “You are their for his help”

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