VigLink ad network review(link-affiliate ad network)

You may have heard about CPM, CPC and CPA ad networks, we all know that CPM pays publisher for every 1000 impressions, CPC pays publishers when someone clicks on ads and CPA pays publisher when someone clicks the ads and then buys the thing displayed in ad or complete any other action required by advertiser and in result you are paid in the form of Commission.

Some ad networks are of a form that if someone clicks on links of your website(any normal link) and buys anything in the place where that particular link takes your viewer then you will earn commision.


VigLink introduction and review:

VigLink was formed in 2009, and since working in an innovative way to pay publisher, and has arround affiliate license of arround 30,000 leading organisations(top companies)

VigLink works in a way that, Suppose you are writing an article related to “Samsung Camera”. You have written some great things about it and at last you have placed the link to store where your viewer can buy that particular camera(make sure that you have placed the full URL), when your viewer will click that link, in order to buy that camera and further buys that camera then you will be earning arround 15% commision from that sale


How to convert my normal links into VigLink affiliate links?


  • Go to VigLink signup page
  • Complete registration process
  • Submit your website URL 
  • Wait for approval(very very simple and easy approval process)
  • You will be given a javascript code(HTML code)
  • Place that code in your Blog/Website
  • You are done!!!

VigLink How Does it Work

Positive points of VigLink

VigLink is a network that can make a great income for you if you have a hardware review website or reviews of any paid thing website as you have to place the VigLink code in your website and then all the things are managed by VigLink. Viewer will come click the link and you earn the commisions

1; 15% commision rate

2; Arround 30,000 merchants are in contract with VigLinks, so you don’t have to worry seeing that which store or company will give you commisions

3; Placing VigLink code in your website does not effect beauty or any other aspect of your website and nor will it effect the redirection of link, everything is same just the difference is that before you were earning nothing from ordinary links and now you earn commisions.

4; It also has a feature you can shorten any ordinary URL at VigLink and then the link will be converted into affiliate ordinary link

Payment related topics:

Payment schedule

  • VigLinks pays its publisher through via paypal.
  • You have to wait for 60 days to get payments, but it is not a big problem if you are earning big money

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